How worthy are you of obtaining everything you want, need and desire?





Worthiness is defined as the quality of being good enough; Deserving


How long will you continue to doubt yourself? 


In this program you will find your worthiness again.  It's in there, you just have to acknowledge it and access it.


We will meet weekly, in a group setting for some deep healing of our worthiness.


Most often, our sense of worthiness was formed as a child.  We will dig into the childhood beliefs that were created by us or passed down to us from our elders.  We will get in touch with that child that was so deserving of unconditional love, but didn't receive it, hear it or learn about it.


Each person will receive individual attention during every call.  We will do a meditation and learn from each other.


You will also receive my course "11 Days of Worthiness", which will be a great way to prep for our 4 weeks together.


Each person will receive a complimentary 30 minute private session with me.  


Do you want a longer private session?  For an additional $50, you will receive a 1 hour private healing session.  Send me a message for this option.


The program is ongiong so there's no worry about missing the sign up date or a deadline.


You are Amazing!

4 Weeks of Worthiness Healing and Coaching


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